Compliance And Ombud


Should you have any further queries or complaints, or if your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, kindly contact us.



RIMAR Capital is committed to handling client complaints in a timely and fair manner and has implemented systems and procedures to satisfy this commitment.

Any client may lodge a complaint by telephone, however, to ensure that all complaints are properly understood and speedily dealt with, clients are urged to submit complaints, where possible, in writing (via email or letter).

Clients may complain by:
Email to:;
Phone to: +27 (0) 10 – 595-1091

The complaint must contain all relevant information and copies of relevant documentation must be attached to the written complaint.

RIMAR Capital will confirm receipt of a complaint to the complainant within 48 hours of receipt. RIMAR will also endeavour to provide the complainant with a time frame within which it is likely to complete its investigation into the complaint but, depending on the complexity of the complaint, this may not always be possible.

RIMAR will endeavour to resolve all complaints received in a timely and fair manner.

Where a complaint is resolved in favour of the complainant, a full and appropriate level of redress will be offered in writing as soon as possible.

Where a complaint has not been resolved in favour of the complainant within six weeks of receipt of the complaint, RIMAR will send a communication that addresses all the issues and advises the complainant:

  • that the complaint may be referred to the FAIS Ombud or other relevant adjudicator if the complainant wishes to pursue the complaint, together with the contact details of such adjudicator; and
  • that it should be done within 6 months of receipt of such notification.