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What To Expect From RIMAR Capital

Your journey toward AI-powered investing is just getting started. Here’s what will happen next. 

Contacted in 24-48 Hours

In the next day or two, one of our advisors will reach out to you for an informal, informational call. This is not a sales pitch— there’s no commitment. We want to get to know you and answer any questions you might have about AI investing.

Build Partnership by Discussing Goals

If you want to move forward with us, you’ll meet with us to talk about your profile and goals. We’ll work together to create a long-term plan for your financial future. 

Solidify Your Strategy

We use AI-driven robo investing with a quantitative investment approach to your finances. But this isn’t anonymous. We offer a human-generated, curated strategy for your goals and your needs. That’s the RIMAR Capital difference: it’s all about you. 

Feel Secure

You have control every step of the way. And your investments are protected. Securities in accounts are insured up to $500,000 by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

What It Means To Reach Out to RIMAR Capital

We understand that it’s your money and your future. You want to know that you’re making the right decision, so why should you fill out the form and talk to us?