What is quantitative asset management?

Asset management is centered around the use of algorithmic tools to implement fundamental and advanced investment principles.

RIMAR Capital’s quantitative investing services analyze vast amounts of data, from which it identifies patterns and draws conclusions to improve future decision making. Our algorithm incorporates:

  • Investment rules
  • Parameters
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Risk mitigation tools 

In addition, artificial intelligence and machine learning allows our algorithms to learn from previous actions and improve future decision-making ability. This approach drives our investment decisions, providing the ultimate performance for our investors.

RIMAR Capital’s investment strategies go through rigorous quality control and testing before being made available to investors. These strategies are continuously monitored and tweaked as necessary, ensuring they remain well positioned to obtain alpha for investors.

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What Quantitative Investing Services Does RIMAR Offer the Investor?

A wide variety of investing strategies that suit their preferences and risk profile

Quantitative investing services from the most sophisticated technology available on the global market

Human consultation from experienced financial advisors to personalize your investment journey

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