Hybrid AI Investing Services

What Are AI Investing Services?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown its presence in asset management and has revolutionized the hedge fund industry in many ways.  AI has improved portfolio management, trading, and risk management practices by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and data science.

A trader utilizes AI investing services to maximize profits.

Why AI?


Our strategies are designed to perform in any market environment. Similarly, our use of liquid assets allows us to easily and quickly pivot to unpredicted changes, mitigating risk and maximizing profit.


Human investors often make decisions based on bias and human emotion. AI investing machines are not prone to these factors, making their decisions objective and market-based.


All RIMAR strategies are put through a series of rigorous tests, including quality control testing, back-testing, and forward testing. RIMAR Capital also operates on its own capital for a period of at least 24 months.

Data Analysis

AI investing services offer investors the ability to process mountains of data in a relatively short span of time. Never tiring, these learning machines can offer investors market insights that humans simply cannot.

How RIMAR uses AI Investing Services

The AI Journey & You

There are many robo-advisors and quantitative hedge funds on the market today, but only RIMAR Capital provides you with a hybrid approach to AI investing services by capturing the best of both worlds. With a high-performance AI and the services of our experienced financial advisors, we offer investors the opportunity to start with us for as little as $1,000 on your initial investment.